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Air Flow Meter

• Ranges up to 200 SLPM
• Highly stable null and full scale
• Compact package design
• Low hysteresis and repeatability errors
• Less than 0.35% of reading
• Fast response time, 6 ms typical
• Low power sensor
• 230V AC operations
• IP-65 protection
• Backlit LCD display

Real Time Controls offers the state of the art blow-by meters for automotive engine testing. This incorporates the state of the art Micro controller, analog to digital converter and embedded software to provide reliable performance.

The system uses finely fabricated nozzle to measure the volume flow in the blow by. The nozzle offers very low pressure ( < 100mm of water ) drop to the maximum measured flow. An accurate differential pressure sensor measures the pressure drop across the nozzle.

To avoid drifts due to temperature and to ensure long-term measurement stability, it uses auto-zeroing on every measurement. At power on it zeros all the drift values with built in self-calibration mode.

During measurements it toggles the measurement ports to atmospheric pressure to avoid any drifts. Special purpose relays are used to toggle the measurement port. The device is designed to operate in harsh environment conditions. The unit consists of sensor unit and display unit. The sensor unit houses the pressure sensors, relays, A/D etc. The sensor unit acquires the flow value and sends the data to the display unit via RS232 digital interface.

The display unit has alphanumeric display to indicate the flow values. The remote display unit can be up to 50 meters from the sensor unit.

The sensor unit is designed for easy maintenance. The nozzle is connected to the sensor unit through transparent Plastic tubing. If there is an oil blockage it can be visually seen and cleaned. Further it helps in periodic maintenance. The tube and the sensor are designed such that the oil in the flow never reaches the pressure sensor.