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Dry Battery Testing

 Testing of 192 batteries in a single station 
• 24V DC Supply to the entire station
• Micro controller based ADD-ON unit for single modules
• Data transmission through Controller Area Network ( CAN ) bus
• Baud rate of 19200 with 20 samples per second
• Data can be transmitted over a range of 2 km

A 3000 channel Data Acquisition System ( DAS ) has been developed for testing the life cycle of dry batteries. This unique project was done for Eveready India Ltd. This project was carried out in a view to study the performance of the dry zinc chloride batteries under simulated conditions of their actual pattern in different applications.

This particular DAS has a 32 bit micro-controller with a baud rate of 19200. The data's are sent to a PC based controller via Control Area Network ( CAN ) bus. The CAN bus has an advantage of transmitting datas over a longer distance ( approx 2 km ). The CAN bus is a two wire system, thus eliminating the cumbersome usage of a larger number of cables.

Here, not only the life cycle tests are carried but also the initial constituents of the batteries are entered along with their manufacturing dates. The batch details of the batteries are also entered into the data base. The initial open circuit voltage and short circuit current are noted and fed into the system. After entering these values , the life cycle tests are started. The tests are of various types, depending upon the requirements. Here the batteries are tested over a varied period ranging from a few days to a couple of years. The data's are recorded in a discharge card and stored for future reference.