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Blood Bag Tester

• As per ISO standard ISO 3826-1:2003(E)
• Rugged Mechanical design
• Testing motor with pressure feedback
• Wet type SS Electronic pressure sensor
• Direct Pressure sensing
• Fully Electrical
• Computerized unit
• Small compact unit 

Real Time Controls offers Blood bag testing unit as per ISO specifications. Using this unit the user can perform two types of test. Leak Test under constant pressure and also emptying under pressure test as specified in ISO –3826-1:2003(E).

The blood bag under test is squeezed between two SS plates at constant pressure. The pressure is generated by an electrical motor with feedback. State of the art electronic servo controller is used for maintaining the constant applied pressure. The pressure is also sensed directly from the testing bag using wet type electronic pressure sensor. A calibrated mechanical gauge is provided for visual verification.

The mechanical structure is made of solid MS channel section to withstand the force of testing without bending. The structure is powder coated to prevent corrosion. All the testing surfaces are made of SS-304.

The Software is flexible with provision for Testing, Continue / Review the Previous Tests, Calibration and Report generation. The data are stored in Access data base format.