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Computerized Inflation

• Sound proofing
• All Aluminum construction
• Ergonomic design
• Air Accumulator
• Auto Door closer
• Flow control by Start – Stop Buttons
• Microprocessor based intelligent flow controller
• Precision flow meters and flow regulators
• 5 micron and sub-micron air filters
• Noise reducer to prevent premature burst
• Accurate and stable 12 Bit data acquisition system
• Compatible to DIN, ISO 4074:2015 ANNEX O specification
• Dimension's in feet - 7 x 4 x 3 for two heads
• Floor standing model with castor wheels
• Shuts off flow after condom burst. saves Air and Energy
• Temperature compensated Precision flow sensors
• Designed for continuous operation. Condom Manufacturers

This unit is designed for batch testing of condoms for quality. To test a batch of condoms, random samples are taken and tested for burst pressure and burst volume. This is a statistical test. This unit can be used to test the condoms at every stage of production, ageing and packing. The software is designed to give accurate details of the batch.

The condoms are loaded in the mandrel and inflated by pressing the Start button. The flow rate is held constant (28 to 30 LPM). The time taken to burst is measured.
The burst volume is calculated by multiplying flow rate and the time. The pressure sensor notes down the peak burst pressure. Compensation are done on the volume to correct for the variations due to atmospheric and inlet temperatures and pressures.

After the test, the software generates the full report of the tests. It gives mean Burst pressure, Mean Burst volume, Burst pressure standard deviation, Burst volume standard deviation, Burst pressure Histogram, Burst volume histogram and also full test results. The values are stored in the computer for future analysis and reports.


The software allows the user to calibrate and test all the system parameters. The user can calibrate the pressure sensors, flow meters, system timer etc. Further, the user can also check clamp slip force check, System leak test, inflation length check, software evaluation etc.. The reports for all the above can also be generated and printed.

Air Compressor requirements

Filtered dry air at 4 Kg/Cm2 inlet pressure, at 1" pipe line

Flow rate 150 LPM for 4 heads

Flow rate 300 LPM for 8 heads

Power requirements

230V AC 50 Hz - 200 Watts Maximum


Full 32 Bit windows compatible software with full functionality. This software is easy to learn and use. 

The burst data is stored as Access compatible data base. The user can write own code to do further analysis on the burst data. We can also customize the data report as per the customer requirements.

Hardware requirements

P4 Dual core, 150GB Hard Disk Drive, 17” LCD color monitor, Serial ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer.

Automatic Cuff for the Existing BVBP Machines

• Saves Time and Energy
• No cuff damage
• Avoids premature burst due to cuff damage
• Designed as per standard
• Holding rubber failures are totally eliminated
• Can be added to the existing machines
• Pneumatic activation
• No additional Electronic controller needed
• Automatic cuff saves time and energy for the operator
• In this design, the cuff is the integral part of the head and it is          
   activated pneumatically 
• This prevents the cuff damage due to manual handling
• This also prevents premature burst of condoms due to cuff damage
• This feature can be easily incorporated in the existing machines