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10 - Head Conductivity Leak


• Maximum throughput ( Up to 360 pieces / Hr )
• User Programmable timing
• Easy to use software for Batch testing
• Fully automatic measurement
• 16 Bit-RISC Microprocessor controller
• Grounded body for improved detection accuracy
• 10 Heads, compact unit
• 2 – Line Back- Lit LCD display
• SS316 Electrodes
• Highly reliable measurements
• Easy to use, Win 32 - Full GUI software
• Isolated Ethernet interface for data accuracy
• Stored in Access data base
• Saves Time, Labor and water
• Designed as per EN ISO 4074:2002

Real Time Controls offer the state of art 10 Head Conductivity measuring unit to detect holes in the condom. These machines are designed for higher throughput and for accurate and reliable results. Testing condoms using conventional water leak tester requires skilled labor with the continuous concentration. The operator makes the decision and possibility of human error is more. The testing takes more time and the operator has to write down the data manually for analysis and report. The new computerized conductivity leak tester is easy to use and eliminates the above disadvantages and provides more features.

It has constant 300 ml water filling tanks for every head. Hence there will be no variation in 300 ml water filling.

Further, the whole structure is grounded including the water tank for noise suppression and to improve the detection accuracy.

Intelligent Electronic Controller

The measurement system uses a 16 Bit RISC microcomputer to measure and control the equipment. It has four-line backlit LCD display. The ten heads status is also indicated by bright LEDs. The measured values are indicated in the LCD and transmitted to the computer via industry standard isolated Ethernet communication. Additional test points are provided on the front panel to measure the sensing resistor (10K as per    standard) and also the voltage across the resistor as per standard in every head.


The system is controlled via PC. Microsoft Windows XP and Data acquisition, Analysis, Display and storage system software.

The software is easy to use, full GUI (Graphical User Interface) software. The user enters all the relevant data like Batch No, Product Type, Manufacturing Date, Testing Date, Tested By...etc... The entire data is stored as single access file. 


The equipment can be calibrated as per standards for the entire operational range. Separate software module is provided for calibration and time setting. A NIST certified lab calibrated multimeter is provided for the calibrating the equipment.