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Data Acquisition

• Range of units to suit every data acquisition need
• From 10 bits to 21 Bits resolutions
• High accuracy units
• Speeds up to 1MHz
• Easily expandable up to 128 units
• Plug and Play USB units
• Minimum or no software development
• Rugged design
• Low cost

Real Time Controls offers a full range of data acquisition systems to catch anything in real time to the required accuracy and resolutions.

These are USB products, designed for plug and play operation. Just connect your signals and acquire it in real time. 

The PC becomes a powerful data acquisition and control unit. 

The signals can be digitized from 8 bit 21 Bit accuracy and speeds up to 1MHZ. 

These units are easily expandable. Hence the user can add different units to the same Bus.

It is expandable up to a maximum of 128 different units in the same bus.

To control in real time a system, or a equipment various analog and digital I/O are available.

The user can select the unit suitable for the application on hand.

To acquire data, the user need not write any software. 

The system comes with it’s own device drivers and the software for the various operating systems.

It is a true plug and play system. These units along with laptops can also be used as remote data acquisitions systems. With internet connectivity the acquired data can be viewed from any where in the world.

The user can always add more units when the need arises. 

This way you only pay for the channels you require.

If more units to added, a USB hub is needed. Various USB hubs are available on the market. We can also supply them along with the units. All the supplied units comes with the drivers and the necessary software to access all the functions in the units. Further, VB and VC libraries are provided for the user to add or develop own software to acquire or control.

Interfacing Sensors and Software

All the units has its own linear power supplies for signal conditioning and acquisitions. Since it does not use the power from PC or USB port the measurement accuracy can be maintained.

In 16 Bit units and also the units with PGA, allows direct interfacing to sensors like thermo couple, RTD, Strain gauge bridge etc. The software incorporates the look up table for thermocouple error correction. Similarly other non-linear sensors can be linearised by look up table or by substituting functions.

These units also allows current measurements, where 4 to 20 mA sensor can be connected.

Some 16 Bit units allow two wire or 4 wire resistance measurements.

The software allows the user to log the data as excel format file in the hard disk. It also provides facility to view the data in strip chart format during acquisition. Further, the user can also generate and plot virtual channels. The virtual channels are derived channels from measured channels through a formula.

The acquired data can be analyzed or plotted by the user using different graphs in Excel.

Libraries, DLL and ACTIVEX are provided to interface the hardware with the user software.

All the hardware has drivers to interface LABVIEW.

We can also provide data acquisitions units as per the user’s special requirements and also the variations of the above models.


• Low cost 10 - Bit Data acquisition products

• 12 - Bits Data acquisition products

• 16 - Bits Data acquisition products

• 21 - Bits Data acquisition products

• Large Digital I/O products

• Large Analog Channels Products

• High Speed Data Acquisition Systems


• Laboratory Data acquisitions

• Temperature & Pressure measurements

• Strain gauge measurements

• Structural research

• Medical and Bio medical studies

• Automotive Engine/vehicle testing

• Environmental studies and control

• Weather stations

• Plant and animal studies

• Defense Labs

• Transport engineering

• Electronic testing

• Quality control

• Test houses

• Production testing

• Process controls / Ocean studies