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Electronic Pin Hole (Dry)

• Up to 45 pieces per minute
• Fully Electronic
• 6 - Mandrels
• All Stainless steel / Aluminum construction
• 14 Bit RISC Micro controller
• Highly stable High voltage 
• User variable High voltage - 1000V DC to 2000V DC
• LCD High voltage indicator
• Alpha Numeric test status display
• Energy conserving pneumatic designs
• Accurate testing
• Independent Good & Bad counter
• Minimum moving parts
• Rugged design – designed for 24 Hrs 3 shift operation
• Low cost

Real Time Controls offers the state of the art condom testing machines. These testing machines incorporate latest technology to increase the condom testing accuracy and the machine reliability.

Machine Operation

The condoms are loaded manually by the operator in the mandrel. The mandrel drive is a indexed electronic drive system which rotates and indexes at 60 degrees. The loaded mandrel goes to the high voltage section. The high voltage applied to the condom through the brushes. If there is a pin hole the voltages arcs and conducts through the mandrel. If the voltage is conducted then it is bad condom.

The tested condom goes to Good-Condom stripper or Bad-Condom stripper for stripping. The stripped condoms fall to the respective bins and counted.

High Voltage Section

This section is designed for ease of operations and for accurate testing. The high voltage station consist of High voltage motor to rotate the conductive plastic foils, spring loaded carbon brush, Mounting arrangements and the engage motor.

The station can be moved by the user in Z axis / radially or the tilt angle to suit the condom / mandrel shape and size. This stations also removes the charge build up on the good condoms. The conductive plastic sheets can be easily changed by the user. Similarly the user can also change the engage motor rubber. Additional protective cover is provided for the operator safety.

Bad Condom Strip

Similar to Good Strip Section.


Optional RS 232 or USB or CAN BUS interface to link the test data to the Computer.

Air Compressor Requirements

Dry filtered air at 4 kg/cm2. 150 LPM (Max).

Power Requirements

AC Input - 230 + or – 10V AC 50 HZ 500 watts (Max) 

These machines are designed ruggedly for continuous usage. We can also customize the hardware and software as per the user requirements. Various types of mandrel can be supplied along with the machine to exactly match the product requirements.

We can also supply space saving two operator machines.