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High Speed Conductivity Leak

• Independent 5 heads
• High speed operation ( 450 pieces / Hr )
• Rugged Aluminum profile design
• Independent head controllers
• Constant Filling volume – 300 ml
• As per ISO standards 4074 2015 (E)
• Auto Stripping of Good condoms
• Detects bad condom and also measures Hole distance from Tip
• Easy calibration
• Wheel mounted
• Increases productivity
• Ergonomically designed for quick loading and unloading
• Easy to use software
• Batch wise, Date wise and Test wise report
• Highly modular design can be expanded as multiples of 5 heads

Real Time Controls High Speed Conductivity Leak Tester has 5 independent test heads. Testing is automatic and easy to use. The operator loads the condom and press the start button for testing. The condom is always filled with constant volume 300 ml of water. To achieve the fast testing rate, big orifice, low pressure solenoids are used for fast filling. The testing results are indicated locally by Red and Green LED's.Calibration mode is provided for easy head wise calibration.The system comes with the Computer and software for windows 7 operating system for data storage, analysis and reports.The unit can be operated by a single operator. The unit is modular and can be expanded by multiples of 5 heads using the same computer.