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Research Laboratory Dipping

These machines are ideal for new product development and also for the new materials and formulation testing.

These machines simulate the same behavior as the production machines. All the variables are tightly controlled by the PC based controller and the results are stored for the future analysis.


The Machine contains a temperature controlled latex tank with a stirrer. It maintains the temperature to the accuracy of +/- 1 degree C. The temperature can be programmed from 10 degree C to 22 degree C. 

The Transport unit contains 4 mandrels, two on each side. The mandrels in transport unit are rotated by a motor and the speed of rotation can be programmed from 0 - 120 RPM to the accuracy of 0.1 RPM. 

The Transport unit dips the mandrel in the latex tank. The vertical dip rate is programmable. It can be a linear function or the user specified function. Similarly the rate of withdrawal can also be programmed. 

The Oven consist of 8x2 independent heaters. Each heaters are independently controlled by controllers. The required temperature profiles and the duration are programmable. The temperatures can be controlled to the accuracy of +/- 1 degree C. 

The Transport mechanism also contains an array of 8 – fast acting thermocouples on each side to measure the temperatures along the length of the mandrels. 

Further 4 more thermocouples are provided to measure the temperature of the mandrels. 

The Transport mechanism is a servo motor controlled linear motion device. 


All the parameters are controlled by the software. 

The Software is easy to use and control. 

The Software is a full 32 Bit software with data base connectivity for further analysis.