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Magnetic Flow Meter

• Maintains accuracy of 0.5% of flow rate
• Pulsed DC excitation
• All critical components – including the lining manufactured “in-house”
• High-reliability Stainless steel electrode ( SS316 )
• All Stainless steel construction
• Self cleaning electrode profile
• Current and Voltage output
• Digital control of magnetic flux density
• LCD / LED display to indicate flow rate
• Electro-Mechanical counters to indicate total flow
• Available from 1/2” to 16” diameter to suit all flow rates
• Standard flanges for easy pipe mounting
• Calibration traceability to FCRI
• All weather mount
• Low noise design
• Very low pressure drop

Real Time Controls offers the state of the art Magnetic flow meters for accurate flow measurement applications. It uses micro controllers and latest electronic devices to provide accurate and reliable readings. These devices are useful to measure the flow in a pipeline. The flow should be full pipe flow ( pumped flow ). We also make open-channel flow meters for partial or gravity flow applications. 

The meter is available for wide range of flow rates. The meter case is made of Stainless steel material. This can be used for pure water or with sediments, effluent water etc.. These meters offer very low pressure drop in the pipe line. 

Basic Principle

The basic principle upon which this flowmeter works is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction which states that if an electric conductor moves in a magnetic filed , an electromagnetic force (e.m.f.) is induced whose amplitude is dependent on the force of the magnetic field, velocity of the movement and the length of the conductor .

E = B l V

where E = e.m.f ; B = Magnetic field density ;

L = Length of conductor ; V = Rate at which conductor is cutting the magnetic field.



The magnetic flowmeters basically consist of a primary device, which contains the pipe through which the liquid passes , the measurement electrodes and the magnetic coils. The secondary device provides the field - coil excitation and amplifies the output of the primary device and converts it to a form suitable for display, transmission and totalization. 

The flow tube, which is a pipe section, is suitably insulated with nylon lining to prevent short circuiting of the electrodes. The field coils wound around the outside of the flow tube are usually epoxy-resin-encapsulated to prevent damage by damp or liquid submersion. 

The magnetic flow meter uses SS-316 Stainless steel electrodes for sensing. The magnetic pulses and flow sensing are controlled by RISC based micro controller to give accurate and stable readings. 

All the signal conditioning circuitry are mounted on the meter itself to reduce the noise. The Meter converts all flow signals into digital format and transmits to remote display as RS 232 output. Hence the display can be mounted up to a distance of 600meters. These units are provided with standard flanges for easy installation. 

The remote display unit provides the power for the meter and receives the data in digital format. It uses backlit LCD display to indicate the flow rate. The total flow is integrated and mechanical counter is used for display. Mechanical counter is used so that in the event of power failure the total value remains. The display is also available with electronic counters and 24V DC battery back up. Additional voltage/current RS 232 / 485 or CAN output are available for user interface.

Liner Materials – Ceramic, PTFE, Ebonite, Polypropylene


• For electrically conductive liquids ( 5µS/cm, minimum )

• Chemicals: Acids, alkaline solutions, solvents, cooling liquids (glycol), additives, etc.

• Food: Water, beer, wine, spirits, milk, yogurt, soft cheese, juice, molasses, sugar and salt solutions, sausage pulp, etc.

• Drinking Water: Supply water, reservoir, pumping stations, etc.

• Effluent: Raw sludge, purified sludge, neutralization chemicals, flocculates, etc.

• Animal Foods: Molasses, liquid feed, water, etc.

• Textiles: Water, dyes, chemicals, bleaching agents, etc.