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Wet/Dry Package Seal Integrity for Male & Female

• Manual / Automatic operations
• Unbreakable Polycarbonate vessel
• Dual vacuum sensing technology                                            (Electronic sensor and Mechanical gauge)
• Reliable vacuum pump
• Intelligent RISC Digital Controller
• 4 Line LCD status display
• Programmable testing parameters
• Easy operation
• Compact & Rugged design
• Designed as per ISO standards
• Wet & Dry tests are possible

Real Time Controls offers the state of art package integrity tester with intelligent digital controller. Fail-safe system allows both manual and automatic operations. 

The user can set the vacuum pressure using a keyboard in front. It has a 4 line LCD which indicate the present vacuum value and the status. Once the set value is reached the system switches off the pump and allows the value to settle.The settling time and the set vacuum are programmable. 

The user has to check the package for the leaks at full vacuum. After the settling time the controller automatically releases the vacuum and the next cycle starts. 

The system uses reliable vacuum pumps.The pressure is measured using a electronic and a mechanical vacuum gauge.

Unbreakable polycarbonate vessel is used for testing. The user can also fill the system with water for easy observation of bubbles.

The system is designed such that it also allows full manual operations. Separate keys are provided in the front panel.

Using the system, both wet and dry test can be done as per standards.