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Pressure Fatigue Testing

This unit is designed to test the Fatigue failures due to dynamically varying internal pressures.

This unit can apply pressure from 0 to 100 mm of Hg to a testing sample repetitively. The user can program the total number of cycles to be tested. Further the temperature of testing also can be programmed. A water bath is heated to the required temperature. The testing chamber is kept in the water bath. The temperature of the testing chamber is measured and controlled for constant set Temperature.

Unit has the following components:

1) Controller
2) Battery + charger Unit
3) Water Bath
4) Testing Chamber


It’s the brain of the system. It has microprocessor which controls the testing. It has 4 line LCD displays which will indicate the current status of the testing. It has 2 switches in the front.

Details of the Switches

1) For Normal / Emergency stop 

Normal operation is for testing. If the user wants to stop the testing for any reason then use Emergency stop.

2) Load / Load off

This switch is relevant only when used with Emergency stop. For normal operation it does not do anything.

Load This is used to load the sample or remove air in the line. This will switch on the testing motor which will pump the fluid in one direction.

Load off: stop the motor.

Battery + charger Unit

This box contains a battery – 12V 7AH and also charger for the battery. The Pump, solid state relay for the heater, Pressure sensor is housed in this box.

When the Mains power is on, it will charge the battery. Power on switch will switch on the controller.

In the event of power failure the test will continue to run with the help of the battery. It will run for 2 Hrs on battery. However it does not maintain the bath temperature. It needs mains power.

Water Bath

It is a clear Acrylic unit with heater and testing chamber. Use distilled water for the water bath.

Testing Chamber

It is a clear Acrylic unit with cover. Use appropriate solution for testing. The temperature sensor is RTD – Pt 100, housed in Stainless steel tube.