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Wet/Dry Package Seal Integrity for Male & Female

• Intelligent Micro controller 
• Digital Pressure sensor
• Manual / Automatic mode
• Dual stage vacuum pump for fast testing
• Maximum pressure and time are programmable
• Designed as per standards
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Leak proof Torson – see through, unbreakable polycarbonate chamber
• Separate Holders for Male / Female Condoms

Real Time Controls Package seal integrity tester has its own intelligent controller for testing. Testing is fully automatic. The operator loads the pieces and press start button for testing.

The controller, vacuums the chamber to the set pressure. Once the set pressure is reached the controller stops the pump and waits for the pressure to settle. If there is a leak in the pouch, the pump is started automatically to maintain the set pressure. Once the pressure settles, it starts the timer. After the set time, the controller releases the vacuum.