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Computerized Swell Tester

Real Time Controls offers automated swell tester for rubber and condom manufacturers. The tests are done as per standards. It uses high resolution camera and Image processing technique for calculating the swell area / Index.     It saves operator time and also gives accurate readings. The data obtained is stored in a data base for future reference and tractability. The report can be generated by batch number or equipment Number or by Date / Test number.    
The software is equipment with the calibration facility to calibrate the camera and the software.


• Works with Windows 7 or above

• USB port Interface

• Separate supply for Led light illumination

• Rugged all aluminum and Stainless steel construction

• Easy to use Hardware and Software


Software is menu driven easy to use software with features.

The software has three modules.

1, Testing
2, Reports
3, Calibration


The raw sample is kept in the tray and the area is noted. The screen also has a stop watch for time. The sample is allowed to swell in a medium for the fixed time. After swell the sample is kept under the camera and the area is calculated from which the swell index is calculated. The data is stored in the database.

Report generation

The user can generate reports with date, test number, equipment number or batch number etc.. We can also provide customized reports as per user requirements.


For calibration metal master is provided to calculate Pixel/Area. The master is calibrated from a reputed lab and the calibration certificate supplied with the master.