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Digital Water Level Logger Calibrator

• Accurate water head measurements 
• Calibration for different water densities
• Highly accurate 61/2 digital HP multimeter
• Enclosure testing
• Full range testing
• Maximum water head 0 to 100 meters
• Maximum pressure testing
• Leak testing
• Computer Interface with user friendly software
• Printed Calibration report
• Quick coupling to apply and remove pressure
• Precision needle valve to regulate the pressure
• 0.05% Accuracy Master pressure sensor
• Full Stainless steel body
• Compact and rugged design


• Calibration of Digital water level loggers ( DWLR )

• Testing and trouble shooting of DWLR

• Calibration of Underwater Pressure Sensors

• Periodic Calibration

• Leak testing of enclosures

• Calibration for different water properties

Real Time Controls offers water level calibrator. Using this equipment any water level measuring unit can be easily calibrated. This is ideally suited for calibrating digital water level loggers, under water pressure sensors, Lab sensors etc..

Principle of Operation

The measuring instrument ( Unit under test - UUT ) is lowered in the cylinder. The cylinder is filled with water. If the instrument is tested for different water density use the same water. ( eg. For sea or salt water use the water with the same properties ). The instrument’s wire can be brought out through specially designed, doubly sealed air tight adapter. The chamber is sealed air tight and air pressure is applied through a compressor. This pressurizes the air above water. The water head pressure can be accurately applied through the air pressure.

The applied pressure is measured with the master pressure sensor with 0.05% accuracy. The values are compared with the indicated instrument ( UUT ) values. The master pressure sensor output is measured accurately with HP 6 1/2 digit - digital meter. This gives an accuracy of < 0.05% and 0.000001V resolution. This also measures ambient and water temperatures to provide the appropriate correction factors.

The applied pressure can be changed accurately for the full working range of the instrument with the attached needle valve. Additional analog meter is also provided to indicate the applied pressures. Further, this can also be used to test validity of the instrument enclosure at various water heads.

HP 61 / 2 digit meter is connected to the computer. Additional connectors are provided to connected the unit under test to the computer. The calibration software indicates the measured values from the master sensor and the unit under test. The software also plots the two values at various water heads. Further, using water and ambient temperature it also does the temperature corrections.

The calibration software is very user friendly and it's full 32 bit software which can be ported to other operating systems.

This software generates the full calibration report as per IS specifications. This indicates calibration date, time, Instrument serial number, Calibration master details with traceability, Next calibration due etc. The measured points are tabulated and the errors are also computed for the entire working range of the instrument. The calibration graph is also printed.

The calibration can be done for the same unit using different water densities. This gives the behavior of unit when used with different quality of water. The same can also tabulated and plotted.